ABESE - Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Sistemas Eletrônicos de Segurança    



Established in December 1999, the company has had the following bases since its inception: 
Objective: production and marketing of translation and interpretation services
Vision: our customers create our future
Principles and values: loyalty, because we believe it is the basis for all human relationships; integrity, because it is fundamental in all activities; pragmatism, because it enables the permanent improvement of our products and processes
Mission:  to provide translation and interpretation services with world-class quality standards in the expected deadlines and competitively priced terms, thus contributing to the continuous development of our partners' businesses
Target public:  agencies, corporations, and executives
Products: technical and sworn translation and interpretation services

Main subject areas:

Customers: We work with the best companies in each sector.  Contact us to receive detailed information on how we add value to our customers' operations.