ABESE - Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Sistemas Eletrônicos de Segurança    



We provide the following translation and interpretation services: translation from English, Spanish, German and French into Portuguese. Translation from Portuguese into English, Spanish, German and French.

We have partners across the globe, and we can provide translations for virtually any known language.

Translations from and into English <-> Portuguese (in this case, the service will be provided by a professional with registration at JUCESP (Trade Board of the State of São Paulo), and will be charged against receipt of a freelance professional, as it is a private profession of natural persons). 

Main subjects: Life sciences (medicine, medical equipment, pharmacology, dentistry, genetics).  Social sciences (history, sociology, anthropology, politics). Law (contracts, citations, powers of attorney, certificates, legislation). Engineering (environment, mechanics, automotive, civil, electrical, electronics, naval, metallurgical, nuclear, aeronautics, forestry, pulp and paper, agronomy).  Computers - SW, HW, networks, peripherals, websites.  Logistics and material handling. Marketing and advertising (press releases, brochures, catalogs).  Business in general (foreign trade, auditing, company presentations, banks, supply proposals, RFPs, ERP, CRM).  HR, safety and training. Environmental science (environmental reporting, forest certification, environmental standards and procedures).